Wednesday, January 16, 2013

You'll NEVER Guess What Brand Blouse Kate Middleton's Wearing in Her Royal Portrait

(Courtesy Photo) Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton's first official royal portrait

Remember last week when Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton's first official royal portrait was unveiled at London's National Portrait Gallery—and the world collectively breathed a sigh of... "Meh"?

Well, get ready for some "OMG Meh" because Kate the Great's wardrobe choice for her first-ever official portrait as a princess-person has just been revealed.

Take a good look at her blue pussybow blouse. Where do you think it came from? Can you guess?

Give up? For her first-ever official royal portrait, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, future Queen of England, wife of Prince William of Wales, wore French Connection. French Connection!

Want to get the look? The same blouse—in white—is still available on sale online for $26.99. That's $26.99 for a piece of history, people! Or you can get the original dark polyester one for $118. Which'll it be?

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