Monday, January 7, 2013

Kim Kardashian's Sheer Style Infatuation

Kim Kardashian (Getty,, Kardashian's love of see-through apparel is no secret, but it appears her pregnancy has only made this infatuation grow stronger. First, it was that Julien MacDonald appliqued net number she wore on New Year's Eve, then just last night she hosted an event in Canada wearing a sophisticated yet racy bra-revealing blouse with her skirt suit. And what's this we see today?? A sheer layer peeking out from her Miami afternoon ensemble.

While we brace ourselves for the most revealing maternity wardrobe ever, let's peruse Kim's best transparent outfits to date. Vote for your favorite at the bottom and tell us: Are you digging this trend as much as the reality star?

1. Sheer Elegance
Kim+Kardashian in Kim & Khloe Kardashian Return To Their Hotel(FameFlynet Pictures)2. White Hot
Kim+Kardashian in The Kardashians in Miami Beach( Artfully Appliqued
Kim+Kardashian in Kim Kardashian Hosts New Year's Eve in Las Vegas( See-Through Sophistication
Kim+Kardashian in Kim Kardashian Hosts ICED(Getty)5. Mesh Madness
Kim+Kardashian in Stars At The 'Late Show With David Letterman'(
Poll: What was Kim K's best sheer outfit?
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  • Sheer Elegance
  • White Hot
  • Artfully Appliqued
  • See-Through Sophistication
  • Mesh Madness

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