Thursday, January 31, 2013

Miley Cyrus vs. Her Puppy in Leopard-Print Onesies—Who's Cuter? Vote Now!

(Photos via Twitter)

Miley Cryus' puppy Bean in a leopard-print onesie (Twitter)
They say some dogs look like their owners, but Miley Cyrus took the whole resemblance thing one step further with new pup, Bean — they dress like each other! (All together now, meep!)

The 20-year-old Cosmo cover girl recently tweeted a photo of herself with the adorable Chihuahua mix, which she adopted earlier this month, along with the comment "Matching with Bean ❤."

In the pic, Cyrus is wearing a long-sleeved crewneck leopard-print onesie — not a first for the star; she tweeted snaps of herself in the, uh, exotic outfit on Christmas — while her little nugget sports a coordinating leopard-print look with the words "Posh Pooch."

While both are pretty flippin' cute we have to admit, we're dying to know, who wore their leopard-print onesie better? Let's take it to a vote, shall we?

Poll: Who's cuter in her leopard-print onesie?
Click to vote:
  • Bean! Seriously, is anything cuter in this world?
  • Miley! Any human brave enough to wear that deserves the win.

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